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Grow your consulting business 

Grow your consulting business with Milestone Selling.
If you are in sales training, management consulting or Salesforce consulting, you can help your customers and grow your business with us.

How does it work

B2B sales organizations need more meaningful and motivating metrics. We have the solution for that. But your customers will need guidance, workshops and advice to improve their culture and performance. Learn more... 

Your role

... is to promote Milestone Selling as part of your service offering and assist your customers on their journey to increased sales using Milestone Selling.


Our responsibility

... is to support your consulting business with our Salesforce® app through joint marketing events, online training to make sure you will succeed as well as your customer, and our free E-book.

Target Audience

Milestone Selling is for B2B sales organizations having trouble with long sales cycles, lack of motivation, no sense of urgency and a need for better balance between recurring revenue and new business.

If that sounds like your customers - we should talk.

Let's talk

If you're interested in transforming B2B sales organizations by improving their metrics and help them make the shift from result management to motivational leadership, we should talk.

And no:
You don't have to become a CRM-expert if you are in sales training or management consulting.
And you don't have to become a sales training guru if you are in Salesforce consulting.

Let's talk...

Grow your consulting business

Motivate your customer's sales force in Salesforce


A B2B sales force needs a more meaningful and motivating metric.
The solution is progress and momentum through the stages in your
sales process, measured in realtime and visualized simply.    

Reach out today and tell us about your consulting business. Let's help your customers together.