Principles of Motivating Metrics

Four dysfuncitonal KPI's and one that actually works 

The Philosophy

2 out of 3 sales manager's sees a need for better KPI's and Metrics in B2B Sales.
We know because we surveyed more than 300 sales organizations.

2: Short Term Quota

The dysfunctional KPI is monthly targets (or similar short term quotas). They tend to motivate your reps to forget about long term thinking and business development.

Measure Progress

Let us measure something more meaningful:
The progress and advancement of opportunities over stages in your process and through your funnel.

What doesn't work we investigated what KPI's they typically use and found that almost every sales organization is using 1 of the same 4 KPI's, and they are dysfunctional... 

3: Activities

Measuring activities feels tangible and from a statistical point of view, it makes sense.
But activity is not achievement and measuring activities is actually demotivating.

Principle of Progress

The principle is very simple and enables motivational leadership in B2B Sales.
It's motivating, it's meaningful, it's measurable and it's visualized in real time.

1: Long Term Quota

The first dysfunctional KPI is a yearly sales target.
Long term quotas are never urgent until it's too late.
Are you using long term quotas? Watch the video.

4: Pipeline

A huge pipeline can be worth nothing if it is not moving. And often you will find that you are discussing the same opportunities again and again.  

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